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Has It Ever Occurred To You That...

  1. There are people online making CONSISTENT PROFITS in the foreign exchange market?
  2. There is a proven, fool-proof team of expert traders offering you GUARANTEED MONTHLY EARNINGS?
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Several Forex traders and Private Investors have been hoarding the secrets of this international cash generating phenomenon for over 18 months now. In the past year I have effortlessly earned over $639,564 from Forex and Binary trading

Every cent that I’ve made stems from one initial wise investment, an investment that relies on more than just “a system.” I’ve managed to produce such substantial growth by directly copying the exact trades of 7 of the world’s most elite traders.

You’ll soon understand, but first… I must warn you that there are only a limited amount of copies available for Auto Signals Pro:

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To: Anybody who is ready to step up and become a serious profitable trader
From: Gregory White

I'm not going to waste a minute of your time, so forgive me for springing this on you so fast…

I understand that it pains you. Why wouldn’t it? There you are, slogging your guts out every day of the week and giving everything you have, only to fall short of the cash your efforts deserve.

While others appear to do nothing and collect a fortune… You're wasting your time making money for somebody else while ‘the chosen few’ enjoy cash raining down on them... with what seems like no effort whatsoever.

What you have been told (in a nutshell) is…

The harsh truth is, with the world as it is today, even your job doesn't provide a safe haven. Before you used to know that no matter what; you’d always have a means to make money, whether it is through work or through making trades.

Now, even if you have a job – you can’t guarantee it’ll be yours forever. In 2011, nobody is safe from the tyranny of being laid off, being made redundant or worse – being fired!

You can’t help but glimpse enviously at the lucky few who smugly perch on their mountains of cash... even in today's wounded economy.

And trust me pal, the economy is completely shot.

That’s $4 trillion! Yet, despite the huge numbers behind Forex and Binary ’s money making potential, the truth is…

Your friends and family are being made redundant, the Government is panicking and everybody is out to stab each other in the back.

I’ve seen reports that leaders of the Federal Reserve are all vying for the same job and would stop at nothing to steal each other’s money – and these are the guys who CREATE cash!

The same is true in the and Binary world. There is a whole generation of new traders turning 18 and discovering the true power of this trillion dollar market …

...And guess what? They were bred in this economy. They’re cut throat and merciless, and will do anything to take YOUR PLACE on the ladder.

But there ’s a way to move safely forward…

As I'm sure you're aware, there are an Elite Few that have something you've desired for so long...

Total freedom...

They spend as much time as they want with their family, they buy whatever they want, and they take strolls on white sands beside clear seas whenever they want... they live in the house they want.

You begin to wonder... is it a rich folk conspiracy? Have they signed away their soul to the Devil and swallowed their morals so that they can prosper in this harsh economy?

Why are you doomed to a mediocre, middle-of-the-road life... making money for an overpaid executive “fat cat”... when you should be the one cashing in?

It doesn’t have to be this way. In the next few minutes I’m going to offer you the chance to turn the tides. As you keep reading this page, I'm going to expose all of the secrets to joining the Elite Few.

Let me explain... You see, there is one market that prospers even in economic downturns.

It doesn’t matter how many bosses lay-off workers...And it doesn’t matter what the President decides, in fact it doesn’t matter what it happening anywhere in the world.

But these millions aren't made from individuals who slave away their livelihoods for other people and they aren't made from people who think they're condemned to be stuck in the “9-to-5” circle for eternity.

As swiftly as flicking a switch... you can jump over to the 'other side' and join the growing ranks of traders who are making real money for themselves… at home. Nobody told you this (they didn’t teach it in schools!) but there is a method to create a personal fortune in your spare time.

Of course… I'm talking about a revolutionary new trading system. One that your bosses (and definitely the private investors who got there first!) do NOT want you to find out about. But before we get into it, you're going to have to promise me...

For the more alert reader, I can’t wait to begin letting you in on this “insider secret.”

How would you feel if I said that by the time you finish reading this page you will know ALL the secrets you’ll ever need to guarantee you can quit your job and make real hard cash from home?

Never again will you have to:

  • Make small talk with annoying co-workers when you could be spending time with your real friends
  • Be woken up by that annoying buzz of your alarm clock every weekday morning at 6am
  • Waste your time making money for another executive “fat cat” when you could be making money for yourself

So before I ask you to think about what I’m about to say; how do you think your life would change if you realized it was time to...

As you keep reading this page I’m going to show you EXACTLY how you can start making the type of money that has been proven on this page. All without taking out a second mortgage on your home, without investing $20,000 in some crackpot scheme and without kissing the ass of some pretentious rich douche.

You don’t have to believe the lies anymore. You know deep inside that you weren’t made to punch the clock. You’d like nothing more than to be able to make affluent profits off your own back. Profits akin to…

It's time someone finally steps up and reveals the REAL secrets, the REAL methods, the REAL step-by-step systems that can create millionaires online.

The Forex market is by far one of the most lucrative and sharpest investment opportunities in the world. It has huge profit potential, and that potential keeps snowballing and snowballing…

However, when the stakes are this high it comes with its own challenges. The most successful traders in the world spend their entire adult lives studying multifaceted mathematical algorithms that make The Mensa Genius Quiz look like a children’s jigsaw puzzle.

These traders work through the night, fighting the eye strain of long nights and watching Japanese TV in 15 dialects, just to stay on top of current events. Their living rooms are plastered with whiteboards where they obsessively scribble and tweak their algorithms to perfection. Well, they used to be…

I’m about to show you a revolutionary new system that will eliminate every single reason that holds you back from becoming a Forex & Binary millionaire. You don’t have to know a thing about pips or currency pairs…

…even a complete rookie can take advantage of this “Hands-Free” opportunity.

I have in my hands, a trading revolution that will make you money. With over 5 years of success and constant development, this system has seen turn-around in some of the most brutal marketing conditions possible.

This system has been tweaked, twisted and back-tested all the way back to 2005. Some of the most successful traders from The United States, China, Japan, England, Russia and Switzerland have tried everything they can to “break” this system… none of them succeeded.

But that’s only part of the story. This system has been tested on live-accounts with REAL money on the line. What you’re about to see is not a simulation; it’s not a back-test. It's real money from a live trading account.

Over and over again they use HYPE to try and force their products on to you. This is regrettable, as it is possible to make money through automated trading. An elite few have been making millions for decades.

And in those few decades I have learned a heck of a lot. Most of which go against the grain of what these modern “marketers are claiming.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to see how Forex and Binary traders can effortlessly build the lifestyle they desire.

The truth is, in recent years a small niche of traders has been quietly making money from home – using nothing more than their internet connection.

It isn’t relevant which trick YOU have fallen for because it doesn't matter, that’s the past and NOW you know better! Before I tell you more…

I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that just a couple of months ago I was a homeless guy living on the street with nothing but the clothes on my back and a wooden harmonica. The truth is I’ve always done pretty well for myself. I was never an awful trader. The truth is I’ve always done pretty well for myself.

But in this economy, in this state of our nation… pretty well is NOT good enough. Even though I was always making respectable money, I knew I needed more to avoid the inevitable – a younger more ruthless trader who took action … took my spot … took my money.

I had to take action. I made dozens of phone calls and sent hundreds of emails. I knew not hesitating would pay off. Once I had clarity on my vision it took just over three months: to put together a team of 7 traders who I knew could change the face of Forex and Binary trading forever…

Initially considering everyone’s great personal wealth and trading success we presumed that if we could combine all of our trading style and skills into one “complete system” it would be the most enhanced and profitable system in the entire trading industry...

We were wrong.

The styles were just too different, each trader had their own formula for profitable trades and it was just too harsh a contrast to blend our different ideas into one system. That’s when the idea just clicked.

All we had to do was set up a hedge fund were by we all competed against each other to make the most money. The most profitable trades would then be duplicated for the rest of the team. Instead of having one system we had 7 all working for the most profits.

That’s right…whichever trader made the most profitable trades would then instantly have them transferred to the rest of us so we could all make maximum profits. This way even if someone had an awful week thanks to their wives nagging them to death about long hours sat at the monitor trading away...


In an online world littered with garbage, rehashed junk and so-called “automated robots” that are “supposed” to instantly make all of your dreams come true. It shocks us that nobody has came clean, taken a stand and ushered in a TRUE trading system that guarantees to make profits for the elite few involved.

That is until me and my seven hedge fund traders came along…


Auto Signals Pro is an automated trade copier – an advanced software expansion pack for MetaTrader 4, which allows me to send the exclusive trades from the coveted ‘ASP’ account to you, our traders.

Subscribers simply copy the Auto Signals Pro trades hands-free and automatically.

Get the actual profitable trades that REAL ELITE TRADERS are making… as they safely make money … you safely make money.

Start trading like BIG banks and Forex and Binary professionals without the pressure and strain of loss.

Trade alongside true PROS that make $1,000s each and every day. Get rid of all risk and make incredible PROFITS...

Log into your exclusive V.I.P. Member's Area to see proof of your earnings and daily income

Finally, take advantage of a deal that will allow you to earn from at home or even whilst you’re on vacation, trading in the most lucrative market there is.

It is common knowledge in the Foreign Exchange markets that the best traders have a sixth sense, an intuitive feeling for how the markets work. But did you know…The most successful traders DO NOT RELY ON EMOTION…THEY RELY ON A PROVEN SYSTEM…

The advantage of Auto Signals Pro is that this system is never left to the fate of a robot service.  My team of expert traders, each with their own skill-set and techniques hunt down results and act on them.

The best part is, you can simply sit back and watch it happen…

  • The generation’s best minds have gathered together to share the secrets of successful trading.
  • You don’t have to learn difficult skills you don’t want to learn, ‘ASP’ is a “done-for-you” system
  • You don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to chase the markets around the world.

So how does this system work I hear you ask? Auto Signals Pro has channelled the strengths of…

On every trading day of the week, my team of seven traders each makes A FEW carefully planned trades.

I then file through these and using the statistics I'm presented with, I discover which is most likely to make you profit. This trade is then given the ‘ASP’ stamp of approval.

The signal is wirelessly streamed to you via our server to make you the same incredible profits we do... all in fewer than 2 milliseconds.

These seven traders each have their own system, regime and style of trading. Who they are might always remain a mystery to you. But I guarantee these seven traders can make you the profits you’ve always desired.

I simply pick the trades that are most profitable that day and send it straight to YOU! The whole process just takes a couple of minutes and you get your trade on time, every day.

And guess what?

These traders are working on commission. If I pick their trade, they get paid extra (by me).  These seven leading traders are all competing against each other to create the best trades 24/5. This is completely revolutionary in the Forex & Binary industry and I believe it to be the best opportunity for you to make big money.

My entire team of traders are completely motivated to begin making explosive trades on your behalf. The truth is, we are already making big bucks from this without you, so…

Some greedy marketers would argue I’ve gone completely crazy but I decided with the extra cash we make, we’d pour it right back into the team and incentivize everybody to push themselves even further.

With each trade that I select, I give that particular trader a bonus payment for their diligent work.

The commission they receive (which is from my pocket, not yours) is enough to ensure a fresh injection of cash into their luxury lifestyle. They are literally spilling their guts to make profitable trades for you.

These seven elite traders are all competing against each other to create the best trades 24/5.

Auto Signals Pro is revolutionary in the Forex and Binary industry and I believe it to be the best opportunity for you to make serious money on autopilot.

Before you’re overwhelmed by the numbers, let me explain how this is all possible for you.

Using a very sophisticated yet simple method, you can now take identical trades to that of that month’s top performing traders within the hedge fund and make the same solid, concrete profits that we do.

As soon as a lucrative trade is made, that signal is directly transmitted to our server which then takes the trade and instantly replicates it for you.

This is in effect even if your computer is turned off and you’re on vacation, and it happens all in just a few milliseconds. But even by having me make the exact trades on your account that I do on mine, there is still one more person who’s trying to derail you. We should definitely be keeping an eye on them.

Let me ask you…

A feeling your broker may purposely delay your payout or even worse may not be around when you come to withdraw your funds. I’m sure you understand it’s important you trust your broker.

The power of choice is extremely important. Most brokers may appear genuine but are not always so diplomatic when it comes to pay day.

Rest assured…you should know that our team has developed a piece of Latency Free Trading Software - this duplicates every trade from Auto Signals Pro with 100% precision.

Watch the video below of an AutoSignalsPro setup taking 3 trades in a row:

It performs exactly the same on every user’s account and can be used with every broker online that uses the Meta Trader platform. The unwanted weight of crooked brokers waiting to scam you is lifted in the process. Begin trading without the pressure and headaches of losses and discover the secrets of true pros that make $1,000’s each and every week.

The numbers don’t lie. The average return each month is a stunning 28.8%. I don’t need to tell you how much return 390% is in just 184 days… you already know. We’re looking at making tens of thousands into millions after a year or two

If you were wise enough to continue reinvesting your profits into the system based just on the average monthly returns alone your initial $10,000 investment would be worth in excess of $193,000 in just 12 months!

That’s exactly $43,979 profit on a $10,000 account in just six months. This is on LOW- RISK settings. Remember, you can trade as aggressively as you want and we assure you that everyone profits.

Let’s get down to the bare facts…

If you’re on this page, I can tell you’re more than likely an intelligent trader who has been trying to trade consistently and profitably for some time… because of this, you KNOW there are no “tricks” or “magic buttons” you can push that makes your trades successful.

Today, you have the opportunity to become what you’ve desired for so long: a successful trader who makes enough thick green wads of cash to live life like how you’ve always dreamed. All that you need to do is stack the odds in your favor by mirroring what already works.

And what better way to do that than to automatically take the exact same trades that SEVEN of the world’s wealth stand successful traders take on a daily basis.

Joining Auto Signals Pro will allow you to…

  • Take advantage of a system and trading method that has been making money for years…
  • Discover the pleasures of earning the same amount of money that the top 1% of fX AND Binary traders are enjoying with this revolutionary hedge fund system.
  • And finally… see the RESULTS you already deserve.

As I’ve already mentioned, there is no “trick” to becoming a successful trader.  But I truly believe that if you join the elite “winner’s circle” – you have the best possible chance of making the money you REALLY want to make.

That excited rumbling in the pit of your gut is yearning to get out and make you profits. So, if you’ve struggled before… you need to pay attention to this!

Play close attention. Watch as almost like magic $10,000 becomes $193,378 in 12 Months.

Put it this way: that’s a Ford Focus to a Ferrari in 12 months.

And if that’s not enough…

  • Learn the 5 Mistakes that 98% of traders make on a daily basis – and how to avoid these tricky “trader traps”
  • The secrets of Forex and Binary correlation that the professionals do NOT want you to know and how it can multiply your profits
  • How scalping and position trading techniques can make you colossal profits
  • Discover top-down price analysis to see the market's REAL trends
  • Plus, you’ll learn the ins-and-out of a system that that my team uses EVERY DAY to make money.
  • And have all of these methods work for you without so much as lifting a muscle.

Trading Trading doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, it’s as easy as 1…2…3.

With this incisive advancement in Trading capabilities, you are introduced to a world that only the most elite traders will ever witness. In the 21st Century’s hustle and bustle, the financial sector has become a frenzied financial highway full of human traffic.

The ever increasing number of hungry and ruthless young traders, coupled with the current economic crisis has lead to a virtual halt in potential profits. This problem has lead to a LOT of traffic jams in the bank accounts of traders just like you and me – traders who deserve more!

Ever wondered why respectable and reasonably skilled traders are working 18 hours a day and not making any real progress on their investment? It’s because their money is stuck at the red lights.

This allows you the luxury of sitting back and watching your bank account be given the green light time and time again.

Auto Signals Pro is nothing more than an agreement to start receiving a constant stream of thick lush green cash into your bank account. You’re not doing it unethically, you’re not ripping anybody off... you’re doing it because you’re motivated to earn more.

You don’t have to…

  • Sit awake all night, struggling against the fear of losing everything with one bad trade
  • Work for anybody but yourself, every penny you make is because YOU took action, not because your boss told you to
  • Work 18 hours a day, or nine hours, or even three hours for that matter!

Not only are you guaranteed killer profits that free up your time, but you’re able to do it on complete autopilot even when your computer is turned off.

If you fail to take advantage, it’s very likely you won’t feel those negative feelings right away. Some point in the near future you’ll be idly browsing Forex and Binary forums or review sites, and you’ll see traders singing the praises of Auto Signals Pro.

That’s when it hits you.

You’re now working ten times more and receiving half of the money and praise you spilt your guts for. It’s important you…

I’m sure you’re wondering “Why on earth are you telling me all of this Gregg?” The answer is very simple. Since I’ve been trading in Forex, I’ve spent countless hours discovering ways to maximize profits and streamline my successes.

Throughout my life as a Forex and Binary trader, I’ve had one goal. To finally see that final ‘9’ turn to a ‘0’ as I become a self made millionaire. I know because of the type of guys we are your ambition is the same.

It took a long time before I realized the fundamental mistake as to why I hadn’t yet reached my potential. Then the idea just clicked, it was because I hesitated, I didn’t take action.

I had the ability to do this years ago and earn millions much earlier, but at least as I can look at my life in the present and smile.

We have crafted a formula the likes of which has never been used in the auto trading industry. Instead of relying on a one man army to create a perfect succession of profitable trades, we have an elite 7-man team who all make their own style of winning trades.

The most profitable trades both long and short term are selected and using a sure fire risk assessment process, we place the most profitable trades on your behalf – making YOU money.

It’s true, this system is a completely new way of operating in the industry that’s worth more that you care to imagine. Never again will you need to line the pockets of some jerk! The entire process is as easy as…

As you read this... you must have thought at least once or twice about the change in lifestyle this system could afford you?

If not, then I suggest you take time out to do so. Can you imagine the impact of a reliable stream of thick green cash, directly into to your bank account every month?

Think about this: In your life you have spent more time trying to accumulate money then enjoying spending it. Is that really what you wanted?

Since I have been the lead trader and risk assessment guru of the world’s greatest hedge fund, I have never had a bad month.

You don’t have to picture the incredible luxury lifestyle you hoped that trading would bring... it is a concrete reality just minutes away.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, once you have this adrenaline-fuelled financial lifeline injected straight into the heart of your bank account, you will begin to live and feel like a new man.

So, when I PROMISE you that we will FINALLY get you to make money: 100% hands free, on complete auto-pilot, we mean it AND we PROVE IT beyond all doubt!

Look, the bottom line is...

You CANNOT argue with the numbers! Numbers don't lie.

You have an option. A REAL OPTION. A true opportunity. And, do you know what... we will never stop saying this: with us, you will always get transparent, 24/5, PUBLICLY accessible LIVE PROOF...


Not only do we have the BEST VERIFIABLE performance on the market but MORE importantly: Auto Signals Pro is the only automated FX trading solution that WILL give you REAL profits, freedom, and peace of mind.

For all the features and user functionality in the world there is only one reason why you are here right now. And that reason is to make money.

I could sugar coat it but there is really no need to. The stats speak for themselves.

As you’ve already seen, Auto Signals Pro boasts an average of 6.2% returns every week with total average monthly returns of a jaw dropping 28.8% every month!

Let’s put that in perspective. Over 184 days of trades, that’s a mammoth Total Return of 389.99% from your original investment. As you can firmly see … Auto Signals Pro is your path to making real, solid, secure cash.

To put all doubt aside I decided to let a select few traders test Auto Signals Pro to see if it made them the same amount of profits as it did for us.

Here is feedback from users who had access to TEST and generate heavy profits with ASP...

Hear what Martin a close friend of mine has to say...

Check out what female trader enthusiast Rina had to say...

Check out what Scott thought about his trial of ASP...

Your Customer Exclusive ASP Bonus:

It's decision time for you...

Which path are you going take?

Are you going to carry on down the path that is full of hard work, endless learning and constant late nights?

The same path that is full of headache, tons of useless products, along with more debt and more confusion as the competition takes over.

Let's be serious here...

Are you really happy to continue down that road?

You’re intelligent; you know what works and what doesn’t. You have spent months or years jumping from system to system, with nothing to show for it... apart from more grey hairs and a terrifyingly high blood pressure…

... The truth is, you're still not getting any richer (at least not with any kind of speed). What you’re doing isn’t working. Why else would you be here.

Isn't it time for a drastic change?

You’d rather take the easy path, where everything is already set up and ready for you to start making money.

With Auto Signals Pro you’re getting the rare lucky break you deserve. Remember…

  • This is not another B.S. robot, EA or signal service
  • Seven of the world’s BEST traders have united to offer you their trade…
  • … and you simply get the cherry picked best trade!

And because it works so well...

I can AFFORD to take risks and put everything on the line with Auto Signals Pro.

I know you’re desperate to make some money with this tried-and-tested system, so you’re probably very desperate to know…

I know (as interested as you are) you’re wondering by now, how much does this opportunity cost?

To be honest, this was a tough call! Think about it, ASP as a system that includes EVERYTHING you need to guarantee you make profits within the next few weeks.

We both know that ASP is the paramount line of attack for you to make real, guaranteed profits in the Forex product.

OK, you’ve read this far...  by now I'm sure you appreciate you've come across a trading system that ACTUALLY makes you money. The best traders in the world are backing this system, and even more serious traders are jumping on board.

Maybe you’re thinking that you’ve seen Forex, binary and other trading systems being sold for thousands of dollars at a time.

And it’s leading you to think… “This is really great, but I don’t want to part ways with that type of cash!"

So you don’t want to spend any money you don’t absolutely have to. After all, that money could be used in Forex. Remember Auto Signals Pro is light-years ahead of its competition.

Well, I’ve got great news for you!

I promise: Auto Signals Pro will not cost tens of thousands of dollars. While that would be a reasonable price, I don’t think it’s fair for you to be thousands of dollars down before you’re thousands of dollars up.

And no, before you say it…. Just because I said tens of thousands, that doesn’t mean it’s going to cost $9,999.99 either!

This is the deal of a lifetime, Remember I’m on YOUR SIDE.

  • Take advantage of seven of the world’s BEST forex insiders secrets…
  • Make GUARANTEED profits in an elite circle of traders…
  • Learn the formulae to making big money for life…

For only…

$11,097.00$6,997.00,  $2,997.99, $1,997.97

Wait a second…

Before I tell you, put the idea into perspective by understanding I’m not making you jump through hoops, I have NEVER pulled the wool over your eyes. As I’m sure you noticed, I did NOT "blow smoke" or present you with stale, tormenting hype throughout this page.

I simply told the truth. I even offered various critical notes that may take away with you (i.e. What systems to avoid, to choose the best broker), even if you choose not to invest in Auto Signals Pro. But I don’t think that’s going to happen, otherwise, why else would you be reading this?

I COULD have been the run-of-the-mill marketer, and spewed out sales techniques and programming hype claiming you can let an automated robot do your trading for you and make millions in your underwear.

But that is not my style, and that's not what my team and I created Auto Signals Pro for.

This opportunity is REAL. I’ve been very straight forward and frank about everything, and I’m continuing with my sincerity when I warn you that this is a LIMITED offer.

You see that countdown in the corner? It’s going down and once it hits ‘0’ you might have to wait another 18 months to take advantage of this opportunity’s

Very soon, the price will increase, and if you miss it… you WILL have to pay more. Said increase could be 50%, 100% or 500% depending on the success of ‘ASP.’

It’s as simple as that. I hope you understand I’m being completely truthful and direct with you, as I don’t want to have to bear the brunt from traders who didn’t take advantage earlier – and have to deal with the system selling out. Now is not the time to be playing games. You understand what I’m trying to build here.

I don’t want you to check us out in the future, only to see smug young traders that you want to punch right in the face, bragging about all of their cash.

Look, I wouldn't dream of risking my reputation trying to sell you something that doesn't work.

I know…

You’re going to make money that will change your life and fill that void you’ve been struggling to fill for a long time.

I have a reputation to keep. I wouldn't risk everything I’ve spent years trying to build by fooling you off with a phony (or worse – completely fake!) system. I’m not afraid to make you this very bold guarantee:

My guarantee is that if ‘ASP’ doesn't work as I have promised, I’ll not only give you an immediate refund, but I want you to hit up everybody you know and tell them I'm a big fat fraud. You might think I'm asking for trouble, but the hard truth is, I know this system works.

And to really push the idea even further into your head, I’m inviting you to…

There’s nothing to lose here. If you don’t like anything about the system, simply send me an email (I give my email address to all new registrants) and I’ll give you all of your money back.

I won’t argue, I won’t even ask you why; I’ll read the email and instantly refund you for Auto Signals Pro. This makes ‘ASP’ practically free, if you don’t make money; you get your money back. It’s as simple as that. It's a win-win situation.

I know all of you have seen the hyped up and ruthless marketing tricks that online vendors use to psychologically manipulate individuals into giving over their hard earned cash for their product.

I could start telling showing you bogus accounts that have made “$16 million just this morning” like other traders but…Come ON! Who are they kidding? You know this is total garbage…

From my experience I can tell you, when you have a high quality product, and when you provide a superior … you don’t need to psychologically manipulate people that your product is worth it.

Look, I’m sure you know... people like you are SMART, they know how to identify real value and they DON'T need extreme “hype” tactics to persuade them to purchase a product.

They know a good thing when they see it right in front of them.

Hence, I’m not going to engage in ANY kinds of "price" manipulation tactics. I’m telling you frankly…
you have TWO options:

It's simple. Press the Add To Cart Button and you’ll be taken to the secure order form via Plimus, which will allow you to confidently and effortlessly get your hands on Auto Signals Pro in just 3-clicks.

In the next few minutes, you'll get instant access to everything that we've talked about on this page, the full Auto Signals Pro, plus your 60-Day Money Back Guarantee “Test-Drive.”

You could spend this weekend like the one before it: praying that you can grip onto economic stability. That you can buy the shelter, freedom and security you and your love ones need.

In this TOUGH ECONOMIC climate there is NO TIME to take risks. Just the fact you landed on this page means we have a lot in common – we both want to make real money with as little risk as possible.

There’s no-risk here. A trader like you can give Auto Signals Pro a try while it’s still fresh on your mind. I look forward to hearing about your remarkable results.

I want this to happen for you. I look forward to seeing you join your money-making peers as a member of the elite “winners” circle, making profit that would make even the greediest of Wall Street “fat-cats” blush. ‘ASP’ is your first step to making you the REAL money you deserve.

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Q: Am I insured by any guarantees?
A:It is legally a binding obligation that we cannot “guarantee” profit every single month. But you do have the ability to see the real life proof for yourself. Besides, you will without doubt make so much money within the first 2 months of your investment that asking for a refund would be ludicrous. If for some bizarre reason you do wish to stop making money and would like a refund... you’ll receive one no questions asked.

Q: How is it possible for ASP to sustain such incredible profits?
A:The reason ASP has the ability to constantly make sizeable gains is due to the fact that there are 7 traders making profits not one. By having 7 elite traders carefully managed by me, even if 5 fail (which never happens) there are still 2 highly profitable sets of trades for you to earn from that particular evening.

Q: Does ASP make profitable trades every day?
A:Absolutely. Most systems will try and claim it’s better to wait to make trades in certain windows but this is not the case. When you have 7 of the world’s best traders all competing to make profits there will be a ton of profitable trades everyday... all on complete autopilot.

Q: What happens when I decide it’s time to invest...?
A:You'll be simple redirected to a personally customized Thank you page where you can begin to make use of the powerful trade copying machine that is ASP.

Q: How do I get hold of you if I need to contact you?
A:Just send us an email and we’ll be sure to reply within a few hours.  We will be able to contact you via Phone Number, Skype, Email, Txt Message anytime of the day that suits you!

Q: How much money do I need to start trading with Auto Signals Pro?
A: This is completely up to you. You can even find brokers who will let you set up and account with just $5. However as a recommendation I would say that anything over $5,000 would be best. We’re going to make money either way; just this way is a little quicker.

Q: Will it take me risking money in order to see if ASP is profitable?
A: Absolutely not! and this is VERY important. Firstly we have been kind enough to offer a complete 60 day money back guarantee. This way you can see for yourself... feel free to test it, try it and tweak it as much as you feel like. If for any reason you’re still not happy then we’ll gladly give you a full refund without asking a single question. This is as assured as a Forex product comes. I am willing to put my name and career on the line. Bottom line is, when this brings you the profits it does for me and everybody else, you’d have to be put in a straight jacket for asking for a refund.

Q: Broker Recommendation for Live Account:
A: US Brokers we don't recommend because of the FIFO rule and we are not sure how this impacts some of the ASP trades, it may mean users miss out on certain trades, it won't be many but it may be a few.  Us Citizens are recommended to use a broker that doesn’t apply the FIFO rule for best results as we sometimes use Hedging in our trading. We have heard great things about which accept US Citizens and doesn't use FIFO rule. Because the signal service really needs to be able to hedge trades and not be restricted to FIFO for clients to receive the full benefit and because some users may use a NFA regulated brokers, I am requesting you to either setup an account which allows FIFO for the best results.  *Please note the ASP Software is not fully compatible with NFA regulated brokers.

Q: This is my first time trading in Forex are you sure Auto Signals Pro is for me?
A: If you have the ability to click a button and download a simple piece of software then you can earn big on the Forex today. You don't need to know anything about the Forex market or how to trade it.

Q: If thousands of people trade with ASP will it dilute the quality of the trades?
A: Considering the Forex is worth next to 4 Trillion Dollars a day I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason why ASP could ever get diluted? And just to make sure, there are only a limited amount of copies meaning only you and select few others gets to sit there making money on autopilot.

Q: Is ASP able to run completely on autopilot?
A: I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. Auto Signals Pro runs on autopilot.

Q: Is it possible to use any trader with ASP?
A: Presuming that the broker uses a Metatrader system then you’re golden. Don’t worry this is the 21st century so anyone who is everyone in the broker world will use it.

Q: Exactly what kind of support will be available to me?
A: You will be in the more than capable hands of our personal support and development team. They will not only help you with any queries or questions you have, they will go out of their way to ensure that you have the right battle plan to maximize your profits. Everybody involved in the support team has a wealth of experience in Forex and we are very proud of our reputation for support. This is not some set of outsourced individuals from India with a very little knowledge on Forex. I’m sure you’ve heard this before but the truth is this is a genuine statement. Why would we create something worth millions, and then make it available to you for so little... only to leave you frustrated on the phone to an Indian Call centre. This is a whole new level to customer support. Just get in touch anytime for expert advice.

Q: What about my job... can I still invest in ASP?
A: Of course. With this system being 100% automated there is no need to worry about lack of time.

Q: What about buying other trade copiers?
A: Absolutely NOT! I heavily suggest you just stick with what you know makes consistent profits week in week out. There is nothing like this out there and that’s precisely why it’s best not to risk it and “punt” on some takeaway food.

Q: I noticed in the track record that there was no entry for stop losses. Does this mean that no stop losses are used with ASP?
A: You aren't able to see it because we hide stops and targets from brokers.

Q: Can one trade this system themselves by sending them emails or alerts via text messages on iphone. This would include entries, profit targets, and exits?
A: unfortunately you can only trade this system by using our software which will manage all trades for you automatically.

Q: what is your SL?  what kind of spreads do you require?
A: We aim for 30-80 pips per trade on average. 90% brokers are okay. 2-3 pips spread on eurusd and 3-4 pips on gbpusd.

Q: what was I looking at on your statement in where it showed gains of 0.7 pips  0.5 pips  0.1 pips  etc.?
A: Please note that this is mt4i. We use 5 digit broker so you should multiply pips at 100 or 1000. You could get the difference in pips, just look at open and close prices.

Q: is this is a trade copier from a human trader or some type of EA?
A: here are 7 traders who issue signals on 1 account, and EA cloner allows to copy all trades to your account.

Q: Do i have to keep my metatrader open all the time to have it work?
A: yes, also they can use VPS for this matter. here is a good website with cheap prices

Q: have a dll file error critial warning and the platform keeps crashing?
A: Please send in a screenshot or log files so we can see the error.

Q: What is the difference between Secret code and software license?
A: A secret code is use to download the product while the software license is used in the EA copier settings

Q: Is the license only for one account/broker or do you have reduced price when I would buy more licenses?
A: Yes, but we can reduce the price if they will buy additional licenses

Q: after some time, may I also change the account which I chose now and would prefer to trade with an other one, where I have running EA-Robots for the moment?
A: For this, you have to detach EA from one account and delete the chart as well and attach EA on  another account. We recommend to do this when there are no open transactions.

Q: How do I get an Additional License? Do I get a Discount?
A: Yes All ASP Customers get a discount on additional licenses.  Please email in for details after you become an ASP Customer to find out more information.

Q: What time frame do I leave on the chart?
A: they can set any time frame they want because EA just copies the trades.

Q: Can ‘ASP’ be started on micro accounts or mini accounts starting with $100?
A: Yes they can but they should set lotsize carefully. Like 0.01 maximum. The less the account balance the higher risk!

Q: Error: Please check user name. use in one chart only?
A: This means user started EA on several MT4 platforms or several charts at the same time.

Q: What is the average number of trades in a day?
A: we average from around 3-11 trades every day.  it depends on if the traders see the opportunity to profit or not.

Q: can you give ANY indication at all of what sort of risk I am trading with when you have open positions. Its one thing to have hidden SL's but quite another to find that a bunch of trades go the wrong way and suddenly my account is -30%, or maybe you start adding to trades until there is a margin call?
A: As practice shows drawdown doesn’t reaches more than 30%. Moreover we make new trades every time, so when there are several long term trades in drawdown new trades constantly coming and we make profit, so deposit grows every time.

Q: how do you feel about trading on Fridays in general, and the Non-farm Payroll Friday in particular?
A: when we see good probability we trade Fridays as well. Of course we consider NFP and other Fundamental factors in our trading as well. Some traders are afraid to trade in those days, but we aren’t

Q: what exactly does the Price Zero Gravity do?
A: it a signal generator which provides solid profitable trading signals.

Q: can I put the ASP EA on the price zero gravity template? How do I do that?
A: Yes you can. just put EA on the chart with zero gravity template

Q: Can I hide the comments from my broker?
A: yes you can.  we don't put comments however as it automatically makes the trades for you. right click on the terminal window in mT4. On that window - where you can see orders, etc and uncheck comments

Q: I have something saying ‘Contacting Server’?
A: this is totally normal the server does not connect on weekends, Remember, markets are closed on weekends.

Q: no us citizens for live accounts at
A: doesn't accept US citizens.

Q: I notice that the system has opened 7 trades simultaneously when I first installed ASP, each 0.01 lots. When I checked the trades from the site I did not see where any more than about two trades were opened simultaneously. I am not sure I like this. I am using a balance of $1072 and multiplier of 0.5?
A: every trade was opened at different price levels, also each trade has it's own profit target. If he gets all trades at the same price level it means that these trades were in drawdown on master account and EA cloner got an opportunity to enter at better price

Q: I need a general outline (so not to reveal your strategy) of how you decide to take orders, TP and SL. the methodology needs to be based on a non-descretionary basis?
A: We use not one strategy but set of strategies. Nothing unique mostly the classic technical analysis, plus fundamental analysis. We trade different timeframes - short, medium and long term. Recently dominated the medium-term trades - in connection with the ongoing uncertainty on the market, trading intraday became pretty hard. We don't set Stop loss orders, and close all trades either by market orders or take profit, it allows us to get the same results in virtually all brokers. Take profit is specified by the calculation of daily and weekly volatility for a particular trade pair. Also depends on what kind of deal - intraday, medium or long term.
We look at Fibonacci levels, do not panic during news events and don't change our mind like many do. Since we believe that news is a temporary factor and that the market is still moving on long-term trend, even if contrary to the trend of news.

Q: Can I run other trade copiers or Expert Advisors on the same platform as AutoSignalsPro?
A: You can run Expert Advisors on the same platform as your Expert Advisors,  If you run a trade copier currently we ask you to open up another version of your platform so you have 2 platforms open both logged into the same account and then install ASP into the new platform which doesn’t currently have a trade copier running.  Other vendors Trade copiers can stop ASP signals and can affect the performance.

Q: Hello i am thinking to use the signal on MBtrading there is a stipulate on there site: “There are some adjustments that need to be made to MetaTrader Query Language scripts (Expert Advisors) due to differences between Generic MetaTrader 4 and MBT MetaTrader 4. These include, but are not limited to: Scripts that use Instant Executions to place market orders with take profit and/or stop losses attached will not work. Instead, a market execution must be placed and then a take profit and/or stop loss added to the position. Hard coding of +/- calculation of pips for profits may need to be adjusted to reflect the fifth decimal place of our ECN” -do you think ASP will work?
A:  yes our ASP software already includes these changes

Q: Do you guys shut down over holidays? History indicates 4 weeks off do to market volitility.. start again 2nd week in January.
A: we won't take long holidays. Most likely we will hold some trades over holidays (mid and long term) but we will see. You will receive an email before the holidays with a full update on what will be happening.

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